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Invest in Dubai Property
Invest in Dubai Property
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The real estate market in Dubai, the center of the world's financial system, is essential to the UAE's continued sustainable growth. Explore your options for assistance when buying an apartment, particularly if you're doing so as an investment. I'm here to guide you through the process, so don't hesitate to ask for help.
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Chief Executive Officer
Salwa Real Estate
Faraz Shafi
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Write to me on WhatsApp with the criteria for choosing real estate that are important to you, and I will prepare a selection + investment calculation.
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I will help you make the best choice of real estate with a complete database of real estate in Dubai in the most promising neighborhood.
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Why Invest in Dubai?
  • Gross Annual Income from 5 to 10%
    Dubai has higher property yields than popularcities like London and NY, with a gross rental yield of 6 to 10%.
  • Public Safety
    Dubai is one of the best places to raise a family due to the low crime rate and lack of violent crimes.
  • No Property Tax
    Expats from around the world have always been drawn to Dubai for its tax-free lifestyle.
  • Strategic Location
    Dubai is a key aviation hub in the Middle East, with flights to major business hubs around the world.
  • High Standard of  Living
    Dubai is known for its glitz and glam lifestyle. The city isn't all about lavishness, though, as it redefines luxury with everything you could ask for.
  • Economic Growth and Stability
    Dubai's economy has grown due to its diversified economy's continued growth and stability. It took the top spot in 2021 for attracting foreign direct investment projects.
Faraz Shafi is a dedicated and successful real estate professional in Dubai. His analytical skills and experience in the real estate market make him a trustworthy figure for investors.
Faraz Shafi
Chief Executive Officer
Salwa Real Estate
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Have Questions?
Ask them to me, fill out the details and I will contact you
Have Questions?
Ask them to me, fill out the details and I will contact you
Faraz Shafi
Chief Executive Officer
Salwa Real Estate
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